July 21, Chris


The day started bright and early with some delicious pancakes courtesy of Flick before we loaded up the bus and headed towards Mildura. There was a bit of an exciting moment when we made a new friend just before we departed.

A very large spider on the fridge

Unfortunately our unexpected remote campsite added some considerable travel time to our journey so we were unable to make it to the Farmers’ Market. Everyone was very excited when we saw the conditions we would be staying in, which in comparison to Calperum Station, were quite luxurious.

Next we met Alison of Discover Mildura, a day tour and charter company. She took us to see the Sun Salt mine. The mine utilizes a serious of 8 pumps to tap into the salty underground aquifers in the area. The water is pumped into a series of evaporation ponds where a lot of the water evaporates because of the hot dry climate of Mildura. Next the water is pumped onto a salt bed where the rest of the water will evaporate and then be raked up to be processed into various table salt and other salt products. The final product has a pinkish hue because of the ancient minerals contained in the soil of the region. Sun Salt harvests twenty thousand tons of salt per year. It was very interesting to see how a perceived problem in high water salinity in and around the Murray could be used as a competitive advantage for Sun Salt.

Water being pumped on to the evaporation ponds

One of the many evaporation ponds

Salt bed and mound of salt waiting to be processed

After the salt tour it was pretty late in the day and everyone was tired and travel-worn so we decided to forego the Orange World experience which apparently is quite cheesy and touristy anyway. That night we enjoyed a wonderful Thai dinner again courtesy of Flick.

Predeparture Information:

To start the day we will be transferring to Mildura, Victoria. Mildura is a town of about 50,000 located along the Murray River in the middle of a prime wine and fruit growing region of south Australia that enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The city of Mildura has a rich culture hosting numerous festivals throughout the year celebrating art, writing, and music, as well as housing an art center which includes a sculpture park, theatre, and the regional gallery.

The Murray River in Mildura

In the morning when we reach Mildura, we will visit the Sunraysia Farmers’ Market. This market takes place twice a month in Mildura, and gives participants the opportunity to buy fresh, locally grown produce. The market is held at the Ornamental Lakes along the Murray River.

fresh produce at the Sunraysia Farmers’ Market

Next we will be visiting the Sun Salt Farm. Sun Salt has been in business since 1983 and has expanded to two locations around Mildura. The salt produced by Sun Salt is somewhat special in that it is pink because of the natural minerals contained within it without the use of any additives or preservatives.

pink Murray River salt crystals

Last we will be visiting Orange World, a  50 acre citrus farm that offers a variety of citrus products from marmalades to soaps, as well as educational citrus tours around the property.

Orange World

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